Sorko Advocaten

Method of procedure

Minimize the impact

Personal injury incurred by an accident can be very emotional and can have far-reaching consequences. Our goal is to minimize the impact of the injuries. Mrs. Willenborg engages in the determination of the liability, the nature and consequences of the injuries and subsequently the evaluation of the extent of the costs and damages. This is achieved by gathering evidence, obtain medical advises and by negotiating with the insurance company.

Long-term effects

It is also of great importance to assess the long-term effects and to persuasively present these to the insurance company. Mrs. Willenborg will discuss with you the process of your case and will keep you uptodate regularly. Mrs. Willenborg provides for a personal guidance in this process and will negotiate herself. In case the negotiations strand, ms. Willenborg, as a lawyer, is able to start a procedure before a court and represent you in these instances.


Also think about other costs, such as any help you received in your household, babysitter, extra phone bills, transport costs (also the costs of family and friends).

It is very important to file all the relevant information and the evidence of incurred costs from the beginning. It is very likely you will have unwanted costs, such as the repair and/or replacement of clothing or bike which were damaged during the accident. It is very important you thoroughly register all the costs from the beginning.