Sorko Advocaten



The consequences of an accident for a child and its future are often difficult to establish during an early stage. That is why the management of the damages and the future damages of children requires special expertise. A good relationship with the parent(s) is very important for the case and the interest of the child comes first. Mrs. Willenborg has supported a large number of children and parents in this process.

Young people/Students

A lot of young people combine their study with a part-time job or work fulltime. Loosing their income can have an inhibitory effect on their learning performance and can lead to study delay or delays in the future development of their career. Here, particular attention is necessary.

Self-employed professionals

An accident can have far reaching consequences for the income of self-employed professionals. There can be an urgent need for immediate advance payments to prevent financial distress and to keep your company running. The fixed costs will not stop and it is important to have financial resources to pay these costs.


For elderly an accident can have its own specific effects. Independelty living elderly can suddenly become dependent on family, friends and professionals and in some cases become unable to live on their own. These far-reaching consequences require sufficient financial compensation. In this instance, an energetic approach is the first requirement.